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Our travels to France over the years have always left us inspired (and very full). Our thoughts and conversations following these trips routinely center around how we might bring home our favorite bits of the cafés, wine bars, bistros, and shops we visit.

With these thoughts in mind, Sea Creatures opened Bar Melusine in 2015; a sort of homage to the marine flavors of Normandy and Brittany. After a wonderful 5-year run with an outstanding team of kind and talented people, Bar Melusine retired in early-2020.

Boat Bar begins where Bar Melusine left off, also drawing its inspiration from travels to France, but with a more focused menu and a closer relationship to its neighbor, Restaurant Bateau. Expect both raw and cooked seafood and meats—Parisian seafood bistro and wine bar fare—a smartly curated wine list (focused on France), and precise classic cocktails.